I give you permission to do whatever excites you.

When I started my online-based business, I was glued to my laptop, phone and PC. I was baffled when weeks, months, a whole quarter of the year passed by. I was so focused on managing every detail of my business (and my client's businesses!) that I was missing my life.

These 3 Reasons are my WHY.

Why I do what I do, why I love my job and feel a sense of purpose after every business call, and why I feel the urge to share my life with you - to help you achieve your own beautiful and fulfilling life.

Let this site be a reminder that life is short, and businesses can succeed without you micro-managing yours. 

Be Well

We don't always make time for our physical and emotional bodies, but we absolutely need to. Whether you're soaking up the energy of freshly charged crystals, drinking a potent herbal elixir for focus or detox, or simply moving your body in a kind and loving way, I encourage you to be well. If you love to dance, find time for it every morning while you're brushing your teeth. Or snuggle up with a book and your cherished Mushroom Chai Latte. I'm living my dreamiest life, and you should too.  

be well.png


As women, we tend to put others first. Our significant other, our family, our clients, our pets! But you know as well as I do, you cannot pour from an empty cup. I encourage you to buy that cute skirt, drink that glass of wine or binge watch your favorite YouTuber for a little while. Indulge every now and then, and truly savor the feeling of doing something purely for yourself. You give to others all day long, so be sure to carve out some sacred time for YOU regularly. 



Whether it was feeling thick acrylic paint vibrantly gliding across Bristol paper, or the careful dance of your hands on wet clay, or maybe the soft click of your mouse as you perfect tiny pixels on a laptop... I invite you do tape into childhood wonder and get lost in a world of color, emotion and texture. There's something so magical that happens when you allow yourself to get lost in an art form for a little while. Almost a form of meditation, you can tap into focus around your business and allow new creative ideas in when you allow yourself to get lost in your physical or digital creations.  


"I'm Ready To Do What Excites Me!"

Awesome!! Drop me a line below, and let me know what moves you're going to make to live your most beautiful life.