You have a world to heal. I’m here to help you do that and more.

you and i both know you're a badass...

You’re a healer, after all. Your work is quite literally changing lives. When you’re working your magic with your clients, there’s a buzzing energy inside you that is almost palpable.

lauren hartlett online business coach

but you find yourself needing clarity & support around your next steps.

There are SO MANY different ideas in your head, scattered across notebooks, messages jotted in your Notes app... so many plans on your mental "business to-do" list that you realize you're not sure which direction to go anymore.

I get it. It's really easy to lose sight of the "big picture" when you're focused on working IN your business and not ON it.

There’s also the issue of you being slightly allergic to technology.

lauren hartlett accountability coach

it’s time to connect with a business bestie to keep you accountable and productive.

Sure.. your significant other, mother and best friends from grade school want to see you succeed, but they just don’t get your industry or your purpose. They also have no clue what it takes to run a business as a healer, or what terms like ‘sales funnel’ mean. This is where I step in. I want to help you amplify your message and change the world.

be well.png

I will hold you accountable and keep you on track.

I’ve been in your shoes.

As a former Medical Massage Practitioner, I can relate to your passion to help serve and heal your community.

As a graphic design graduate, I’ve spent the last 10+ years learning the in’s & out’s of all things Tech in ways that truly gets me excited to “geek out” in business strategies.

Here’s what your peers are saying:

melinda loo lmt mentor

“I knew I was going to hire Lauren the second I saw her post about taking on new clients on social media. She has a background in Massage Therapy and is fantastic at taking my thoughts, ideas and big dreams and turning them into actionable (and MANAGEABLE) to-do's and plans. She's incredibly strategic and process-oriented, making sure tasks get completed to keep us on the path toward my business(es) ultimate goals. If you're looking for a warm personality that "gets you", gets the techy side of business, and gets things done, you need to hire Lauren for your online business strategizing and implementation. You will not regret it.”

- Melinda Loo, LMT, Mentor, Educator

sara o'brien storytelling strategist

“Working with Lauren has given me so much focus and motivation in my business. She has pushed me to think differently about my offering, truly cares about me and the success of my business, and is a joy to spend time with as I grow my business and serve my community.

Having her as my business strategist is really like having a best friend in business to support me along the way while giving me concrete advice that helps redefine my goals and push the envelope on my product offering. I cannot recommend Lauren enough!”

- Sara O’Brien, Storytelling Strategist

maria small health and wellness coach

“I love working with Lauren because she really understands people’s strengths and for me, where I need to grow in areas. I cover a lot of bases as a health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and mindset educator - and having Lauren as my business bestie has been a game-changer. She knows in order for me to succeed and hit my goals, I need to be held accountable to be on time and on task each week. Lauren really keeps me on track every month, week and day for the goals and timelines we set. She offers great accountability, great online technical support and really great feedback for all of the things we do together to manage my 3+ online businesses.”

- Maria Small, Health & Wellness Coach