I work with solopreneurs in the wellness space who have a hard time focusing on their business strategy. I help them sort through their plans and provide a road-map to take action and hit their goals, all while making them feel heard, valued and supported.

In short, I’m the business best friend you never knew you needed.



Wouldn't it be so great to get your business ideas down in one place, and be held ACCOUNTABLE to take action toward them?

Instead, you struggle to get your thoughts in order, prioritize the daily grind & handling your client work that you forget all about your dreamy goals. The end of the year comes around and you feel like you "survived" instead of "thrived".

You're more than slightly frustrated when you realized you didn't carve out time and plan how to make your business dreams a reality.

I’ve learned how to systematically turn one creative idea after another into a reality and am here to help you do the same. I’m sticking with you for the long haul - finding lost hours, building iconic strategy, and helping you position yourself as an expert in your field.

I’ll keep you focused on getting your tasks done so you can achieve what you want in your business.


I’ve put in the time and research so you don’t have to.


When I started my business, I listened to all the podcasts, read all the books and paid for more courses than I care to admit on business strategy, email marketing, branding, and productivity. I couldn’t help but wonder how many aspiring online business owners took the same route only to find themselves out thousands of dollars with only an inch of progress to show for it.

I vowed to never be the person focused on how difficult it is to build a business, but to be the one focusing on actionable steps to hit my goals. I’m there to teach my clients to do the same.


Wouldn’t it be great to speak your ideas out loud and have them magically written into a plan with action steps, have accountability to follow through those steps, and find the hours to make it happen?

You know it would.

Instead, you struggle to organize your thoughts, are confused about where to start, and busy yourself listening to more podcasts, webinars and free training that you never even implement.

I know how you feel. The weight of dreams that never manifest can be a heavy burden... but there's hope.

I'm Lauren Hartlett - online business manager, business consultant and Business Best Friend. I’ll help you prioritize your to-do list, streamline your online offerings, and make your holistic legacy a reality.


Let’s be business best friends.

From keeping you focused on your business goals, word of the year, and never-ending to-do list... A Business Best Friend is the experience you wish you got from your previous business coaches, strategic consultants and virtual assistants. We wear multiple hats and provide you with a robust offering to help you with multiple facets of your business.


Walk away with clarity & organization and focus to keep you on track with your business goals.

A strategy call with me is a 60-minute conversation where we'll discuss:

1. Where you're at currently in your online business and where you'd like to be.

2. What strategic tactics are currently working, and what new ones you’d like to explore.

3. Action steps for you to make moves and continue creating your dream business.