you don’t have to feel lonely in your business.

You’ve built something incredible. This business you established is a success, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point. And what’s worse, no one in your immediate circle quite understands.

Your partner is supportive, but doesn’t get it.

Your family admires the fact that you’re making money each month but still wants you to plan something more “secure” like a desk job.

Your best friend is excited about your small wins, but is definitely not the right person to bounce ideas off of when it comes to your sales funnel, lead magnet design, or business strategy.

Let’s face it… you’re feeling a little bit lonely in your business right now. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


You need a business best friend.

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I’m not talking about another paid mastermind where your fellow members are more eager to present their problems instead of solutions for you and the team.

I’m talking about one highly talented individual who gets to learn your quirks, how to motivate you, and identifies when you’re slipping on your business responsibilities.

The person who you can chat with about your serious struggles or simple ask to check in on you throughout the week to make sure you’re getting x, y & z tasks done by Friday.


Weekly Accountability

Each week we’ll block out 50 minutes to chat about your business updates, talk through your big wins or losses and set up a weekly to-do list for you to stay focused and be held accountable to get work done ON your business instead of just in the client tasks.

Grab a cup of coffee (splash of Kahlua optional) and get ready for a seriously fun accountability session.

Ready to hop on a Strategy Session to discuss our collaboration?


weekly Session breakdown

  • You’ll complete a BBF Prep Sheet 24 hours before our meeting.

  • You’ll list out the big items on your to-do list for the month, and specifically what you’re going to tackle between our upcoming call and the next.

  • Lauren will check in on you throughout the week via Slack, Marco Polo or email in your Client Portal.

  • We virtually high-five as you check off your to-do list!


Need help getting through your to-do list?

We’re here to help. Our Business Backbone package is the perfect compliment to The Business Best Friend. We’ll give you 15 hours of time back each month to focus on tasks that you do best, and help you with the ones we excel in.

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