What’s the right thing to focus on in your business?

We're all adults here. You don't need my permission to decide which avenue to take your business.

And yet.. we find ourselves craving the insights and validation of others. If you weren’t born an entrepreneur you might find yourself secretly lusting for the moment when someone tells you what to do in your own businesses.

It’s easier to follow orders instead of being a solopreneur making things up as you go. These Strategy Sessions give you just that, AND you still have full creative control to plan that next step and implement it.

I've worked with bad-ass, powerhouse women making 6-figures who still rely on our Strategy Sessions.

It is NOT because they are incapable - they are MORE than capable. But they understand it takes strong women to help other strong women succeed in business. 

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Business Strategy Session:


You have 1-million business ideas and aren’t sure which strategy to take action on to hit your next goal.

During this 1-hour call, Lauren listen to every idea, inspiration, dreamy next step and end-goal you have for your business. She’ll provide feedback, prompting questions and some engaging opinions throughout the call.

The best part? You’ll leave the session with an organized list of actionable steps, and ready to make moves. 

Ready to get laser focused on your next step?

looking for a bigger commitment?

I got you. After your Strategy Session we can discuss whether or not you’d be a good fit for The Business Best Friend. This is ideal if you need ongoing support in the form of a weekly pep talk with a hint of ass-kicking to keep you motivated and organized week-to-week. Ask about our monthly option if you’re feeling good after our initial call!

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the clarity is almost yours. do you want to claim it?

That sweet ah-ha moment you’ve been longing for. The crystal clear clarity you’ll feel after dumping all your thoughts, fears, huge goals and burdening to-do’s on the table, then opening your email to a neat list of your strategic next steps. You feel like you’re on top of the world, don’t you?